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Imploding Rear Side Window - 2000 EX

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I was driving home yesterday afternoon when the driver's side rear vent window imploded all over the inside of the vehicle. Any thoughts on what might have caused it?

I brought it to the dealer right after it happened and they suggested someone fired a BB at it. Given that it was about -25C I have more than a little trouble believing that one. The retired couple driving by are not likely to blame either. I suspect a defective peice of glass.

The dealer couldn't do anything more than cover it with plastic until tomorrow (a big TOYO TIRES bag). I was wondering if anyone else has heard of this happening. I beleive that Honda should cover the replacement cost for this.

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Go to and search a topic "Window Shattered Due To Vibration" dated back in May 2000. My wife experienced the shattering effect in her '99 model EX. We video taped and photographed the result to prove that it was not an external object to cause the implosion. With the picture (with proper lighting) to show the bolt/clip line linking all the way to the center of the shattering point, we demanded a coverage from Honda and they did it as a good will but I did not care what they called it at that point. After 1 1/2 years later, I still feel that it may pop again one of these days when the resonant effect is strong enough, i.e., structural issue to me. Note, pay attention under the strong sun light reflection from the good rear wondow, you can see the bending effect...

Good luck.
It's been a little while but I think it was under the honda odyssey discussion area. The problem we had was not unheard of. Ironically, it happened to Siena as well at the time when we reported the problem. As a side note, I have to be careful to reuse your term, "imploded" because in our case, my wife was driving the van without anyone inside and the passenger side window "exploded" outwards. As far as the picture, one set went to the dealer for filing purpose and the other (I believe my wife does double print mostly, I need to dig out if my wife still keeps them. Even then I don't have a scanner (shameful to myself being a high tech worker!).

I know how I convinced my dealer about the structural bending but you need to find a good explanation about your implosion or at least theoratically or else... I wish you the best luck.

I'll let you if those photos can be found.
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