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Import to Europe / Germany

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I am about to relocate after I have spend 5 years in the US.
I need a new car anyways and thought of buying the Honda Odyssey here in the US.

Some research showed that this car is not sold in Europe and I am wondering if anyone has challenged a similar problem before.

I am just scared I will not be able to register it in Germany and find parts once I should need them.

Any help or suggestion?
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I too am relocating to Germany the end of November and am wondering about waranty coverage.

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I know there is someone who has posted here at least once who took his Ody to Spain with him. E-mail Jim and see if he can put you in contact.
There are Honda dealers here in Germany. They sell a Euro version of the Ody called the shuttle, bit it is quite different. If you are in an area such as Heidelberg, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden, Kaiserslautern, Wuerzburg, etc. where there a lot of U.S. troops, you will be able to find a German Honda dealer who is authorized to do warranty work on U.S. specification Ody's, can order the parts, do normal maintenence, etc. Some are better than others, like anywhere else. You need to check with your dealer or Honda about the warranty - they are generally less generous in Europe. Don't know about registering a U.S. specification car here - may depend on what status you are in. If you are a member of the U.S. Armed Forces (military or civilian), you have absolutley no problem. If you are coming over on your own, check with U.S. customs and see if they can help you - that's what they're paid to do. Hope this helps.
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delbob, thanks for the info.
I am with the Military and am glad that there are dealers that can do waranty work on us spec cars.

delbob.."You need to check with your dealer or Honda about the warranty - they are generally less generous in Europe."

what do you mean by the above statement. does that mean they will do less waranty work?

once again thanks for the info.

warranty does not seem to be an issue, because european car dealers or the manufacturer in general only give 12 month warranty. So forget about what you were given here in the US.

I do care about parts, body or engine parts, the Oddy we know from here is not available anywhere in EU, right.?
"less generous warranty" - e.g., if you buy a U.S. spec Ody here through an agent authorized by the U.S. Forces, the warranty terms are less generous. Has nothing to do with warranty work. You need to check with whomever manages your warranty (Honda, or a dealer or a third party) to see if it covers you in Europe. Possibly start at your dealer - they should be able to help you out. Not sure where the parts come from - but they are availabe to authorized warranty dealers and those that do normal maintenance here. Honda (International?) may be able to provide you a by-county list of dealers authorized to do warranty work - dog them until they provide it to you. If you are with the U.S. Forces, it pays to provide the dealer with engine oil and filter and other minor parts - they are available in auto service stores on U.S. military installations. You also get parts and service from the dealer free of German value added tax (16%) - which helps. If you are coming over as a member of the Forces, your sponsor shoull be providing you all this info. But if you have more questions, I'll try to answer them if I can.
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