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Inexpensive windshield visor 2018

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So me not want to spend excessive amount of money for the custom windshield visor or sunshade from the dealer years ago when I first bought it. I ended up with one of those inexpensive foam foil Sun Shields which of course eventually just sink in the middle so I got the wonderful idea of gluing some wooden dowels on the folds that support the foam sunshade.
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I had one of those foil-accordion style visors before. I had another smaller one, but this was the only one that was big enough to fit my Ody's windshield. I eventually tossed it out because it started leaving white crud everywhere after using it, and it was getting annoying. I did get a nice fabric type set that was on sale at Costco for my Accord since it spends its time outside in the Texas sun.
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