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Insight antenna for Odyssey

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Here is a picture of the genuine Honda Insight antenna mast on my Ody. I bought this antenna at HandA-Acessories for 16.20$ (+ S&H) and followed basically the installation instructions as given by Chuck for the S2000 antenna modification (see the tech forum for details).
The only difference is that I used a metric coupling nut to join the antenna and the thread from the screw and I used a safety cap, which seems to be a little bit smaller.

Compared to the S2000 antenna this one is a little bit longer and leaner but still a lot shorter than the original one. Be aware that the antenna tends to bend a little towards the body at higher speeds.

I think I agree with Chuck that it is a matter of taste if this is considered to be an improvement or not. So go ahead and decide for yourself... :p

Please see the download for a bigger picture (46K).
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Sorry guys, here is the download:


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I wonder if Honda ever guessed that antenna sales could be so lucrative?

I have now seen Odysseys with Insight and S2000 antennas, S2000s with Insight antennas, and Insights with S2000 antennas! Even the non-Honda guys (like VW) are using S2000 antennas.

Personally, I am happy with the ones on our CR-V and Odyssey. But, I do have an S2000 antenna on the Insight and I am thinking of replacing it with an Element/Civic Si antenna. Looks like $20 more into Honda's pocket!
I like it, looks good!

Of course, I'm a bit biased, as it's the same one I have. :D

I also found that reception was not compromised too much, relative to the S2000. There is an old thread showing my version too.... I know at least one or two members with reception problems with the S2000 were happy after switching to the Insight.

Congrats on your mod!
shinjohn said:
Of course, I'm a bit biased, as it's the same one I have. :D

There is an old thread showing my version too....
Some things are just so good that they have to be repeated at least once every year... :stupid:
And my thread is actually showing the '04 insight antenna mod... :joy:

Just kidding. But I don't see a big difference in the receiption either (compared to the stock one, I haven't tried the S2000). This antenna seems to me a good compromise between function and look. I personally think that a too short one doesn't fit for such a car like the Ody.
I do like the looks of this one vs the S2000 one. It "fits" the van better.
I know I'm reviving a very old thread here, but I have a question. My antenna recently broke off ( I had about 2 inches of it left), and I thought it was a great opportunity to update it with an Insight one. My question: I haven't had the time to make the mod to make the Insight screw longer, but I needed the antenna, so I just took the silver base off of the ody, and screwed the new antenna right into the black base on the ody. Is this dangerous? Do I need the silver ody base for something, or can I just leave it as is? Thanks in advance!
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