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Hi everyone, we're new members here and have an unusual question we're please hoping for some help with.

Has anyone got any experience installing tether anchors (or something similar) in the floor area behind the 2nd row seats (either side) of a 2016 Odyssey?

If so, does any one know how easy it is to access the hole from the underside? For example, is there something like a double-skinned floorpan, a box section, brake lines in the way, etc. or can you simply drill through the floor and access the hole from beneath?

We ask because we haven't yet purchased it but are very close to doing so and we need to be able to install special tether anchors behind the seat for our daughter. We understand there are some solid parts of the chassis/floorpan in that area, but also that the gas tank, brake lines, and other such things may also be located in the same general space. As such we're unsure how easy it would/would not be to install the special tether anchors.

Thanks very much in advance for any help, we appreciate it.
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