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Hi all,
I've never posted on this site, but have used it for information. So I decided to return the favor. There are quite a few posts regarding the installation of Overhead DVD players, but since each one is unique, I decided to throw mine into the mix. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures, but I can describe my experience. First, I am a "shade tree mechanic". i do it because I like to challenge myself and I don't like paying someone else to do it.
I bought a Clarion VT1500B from Crutchfield. It is 15 inches and came with two wireless headsets. It's essentially an all inclusive DVD player, where the only thing you really need to connect it to is power.
I have a 2005 Odyssey Touring without the RES/NAV. The sunroof scared me, but in the end it didn't get in the way.
Essentially you need to attach the metal bracket that comes with the DVD player to the headliner/roof. There is a metal crossbar about two inches or so behind the sunroof, which is a great spot to support the back end of the player. Initially I started with a small cut into the headliner, but by the end, I'd cut about a 5 inch square piece, right in the center of where the metal bracket was to go. I then used a drill to put holes in the crossbar where the metal bracket was to go. You will only be able to attach the back end of the player to this, which I didn't feel that great about. Also the self tapping screws provided were too dang short, so I got 1 inch ones, that worked far better. Now for the front end of the DVD player (by back and front, I mean the following: The back is facing the driver, the front is where the buttons are, facing the middle and rear seat passengers).
The front edge of the metal bracket was going to be without an attachment to a crossbar, since there wasn't one there. I didn't feel comfortable just screwing into the headliner without some sort of support. So I used a one inch thickness piece of wood, about a foot in length, put in behind the headliner, from the "big" hole I had made earlier, and essentially screwed the front part of the bracket into that piece of wood. It worked beautifully. Very solid.
Next I worked on the wiring. The device came with interior lights, which I didn't need or use, so I just cut the green wire off. I also did away with the RCA type of AV output/inputs since I wasn't going to use my radio to broadcast the movies. I was content with just the wireless headphones. So I had three wires to use. One was ground, Red to the ACC, and Yellow to continuous power (memory so the movie can be restarted where last stopped). I removed the weather stripping off the Driver's door and driver's side passenger sliding door. Then I removed the pull handle of the middle row, and also the plastic piece where the seatbelt is. Getting the wires from the hole in the headliner to the Left side of the vehicle wasn't hard at all. Then I just placed it right along where the weather stripping meets the headliner along the driver's side, to the A pillar; down the A pillar, into the Driver's side fuse box. I used plastic protection (conduit) for the wires since they would be "live". I guess you don't really have to. I replaced the weather stripping and the upper plastic piece where the seat belt goes, and the handle.
The hardest part I had was screwing in the DVD player to the metal bracket. First I was alone, so no one to hold it. Next, the stinking screws provided were tiny, and just not long enough to get to the bracket, especially in the back end. So I ended up using some screws I had in my tool box. Worked great. Along the front of the DVD player, I used the tiny screws provided.
In the fuse box, I used the ACC slot ( I think #32) for the red wire, and just "red-necked" it. I pulled out the fuse, twisted the wire to one leg of the fuse, and shoved it back in. I did the same to the yellow wire, to the interior light fuse (I think #7). I "grounded" the ground wire to a screw in the body of the vehicle just above the fuse box.
That really was it.
I had disconnected my negative battery terminal before I started my work so I replaced it. Then I realized I didn't have the code for the radio, so I had to get that from the Honda owner's link website.
Overall the job wasn't difficult, one I got the DVD player and bracket in place. It took me 4 hours, including clean up and a trip to Home Depot. It saved me $300!!! Plus I got the satisfaction, not to mention the envy of my neighbor's wife who stopped by to see what I was doing!!
Definitely would do it again.
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