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I know there's been discussion on DRLs on this forum before, but has anyone actually done it yet, particularly on the 2002? I intend to install daytime running light capability on my '02 with a kit that I got at Kmart (for five bucks; hope it's of decent quality). I'm really a novice at this sort of thing (i.e., doing own mods on a car), but am notheless enthused about tackling these projects.

1) Can anyone tell me if the 2002 Odyssey has 3-wire headlights, or is it 2-wires on each headlight?
2) And, whether it's positive switching, negative switching, or double-negative switching?
3) What's a good place to drill and screw the relay kit (it's rather small, barely 1"x2"x1")? The instructions say to select a location close to wiring coming from back of headlights, preferably on same side as the battery and away from heat and moving parts.
4) What's a good ground to screw the ground wire into? Can I just attach the ground wire to the ground used when jumpstarting a dead battery, using electrical tape?


(o: Terry :eek:)
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