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Hello, we are looking to purchase a newer, used Odyssey soon to replace our '98 Grand Voyager. We no longer have young children, but love the minivan model for convenience and comfort -- we travel quite a bit and love being able to put our bikes in the back of the van and still have room for people and luggage.

I have searched the forums and the general internet trying to find the interior measurements of the Odysseys -- has anyone posted or could refer me to that information? Specifically, I'm looking for the height, width and length of the interior from the inside of the liftgate to the back of the middle seats, and also to the back of the front seats. That interior measurement is critical to hauling stuff around (but seems to be hard to find).

From what I've read, I'm thinking that we would like a 2008 or newer model.

thanks so much -- I was thrilled to find a forum specific to the Odyssey!
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