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Interior switches update #1

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Today I began to remove some switched to figure out where the bulbs are so that when my neo wedge bulbs arrive i can begin to replace them.I am using the color blue!:)

Below there are more Pics of the switches outside the modules. ENJOY.

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Link to photos displaying the removal of the AC unit removal and bulb placement.
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OMG sorry I never replied I just realized a comment was left here but for anyone interested.
After i popped out the upper switch console I pressed the tab on the parking sensor switch and
it easily pushed it forward. After that pry the tabs in the back to remove the entire bulb housing.
now you have access to the bulb.

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I think they must be removed completed, whole group, and then separate one by one.
Nope, you can reach under the dash after removing the lower knee bolster and then push the button out from behind.
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