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Intermittant Power Sliding Door Jam

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Did a search and read a bunch of posts regarding replacing rollers. Am wondering if that is the issue on my '07 Ody EX.

Symptoms: passenger's side power sliding door jams frequently - it opens fine but when closing will frequently stop about halfway closed, beep and re-open. Very difficult to close manually, as it really doesn't budge from the open position. Is this symptomatic of a roller issue, or do I just need to grease the sliders?

Thx, Dan D
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My door sometimes won't open or shut. But if I get it started using the handle (inside or outside, it will shut. The problem was the lock release actuator. ~$40 online. Common issue. Also, look at the rollers on the door track. Ensure that you see to good nylon rollers. If they are both there, chances are that it's good and you don't have to replace it. It took me ~30 min to remove the door plastic trim pieces (two). The hardest part was getting the interior handle off (2 min).
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