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(this is a 2005 Ody EX-L)

We were driving from Vancouver BC this last weekend, and halfway in, I noticed my turn indicators had stopped working. Then I noticed the temperature display showed "---". Then I noticed the wipers didn't work. That was the moment of panic because we live in rain country (Seattle) and cant safely navigate from A to B without wipers. Shortly thereafter, rain came (ha!) and we had to pull over. Luckily we had the 05 handbook with us, I checked the fuse box - everything looked ok, but the fuse for the wiper said "IG, Wiper". I thought IG meant IGnition, so (praying!) I stopped the engine and started it again, and everything started working.

We hit the road and realized the wiper would keep working if we left it on, even though the on-board display kept alternating between "50F" to "---" for the temperature display every few mins. We also noticed the power windows didnt work, power doors didnt work, etc.

We finally made it safely into Seattle. I cannot reproduce this issue in the safety of my garage, and couldnt find any posts here either.

Has anyone hit this issue in the past? Is this a known issue perhaps with a bulletin?
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