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Is AC on in this condition?

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I don't know how many people notice that if you just press the fan buttons (up or down) to start the fan, there is no indication of the status of AC (on or off) shown on the MID. But if you first press AC button, then adjust fan speed, you can have AC ON or AC OFF clearly displayed on the MID.
So, my question is: when you turn on the fan by just pressing the fan buttons from the beginning, is the AC on or off? I feel it is on.
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I cannot answer your question directly, but I can definitely tell when our AC cuts on and off by the loud click of the compressor coming on and the strain on the engine it causes. That might be the best way for you to tell that the AC (or compressor) is on.
For the 3rd gen, the AC is only OFF when it explicitly says AC OFF on the LCD panel or when the complete climate control system is OFF. In all other cases, the AC is ON regardless of whether it says that on the LCD panel or not.

Had a few heated discussions a couple or so years back on this "feature".
dv - You should have beat them up for not searching! You're getting soft. :DD I remember it being discussed thoroughly, but don't recall anything heating up.

OP - It's one of my pet-peeves about the van. Just like dv said ... the AC is ALWAYS on, unless it specifically says A/C OFF.

I'm a believer in not using the A/C unless it is needed (cooling a hot van, clearing fogged windows), because the A/C does create additional fuel useage. CARB had discussed some measure of dealing with vehicle A/C systems which seemed to be continually on, but I forget the details. It was somewhat radical from my memory, and took control out of the hands of the vehicle driver ... which is something I didn't agree with.

Oh yeah ... as I recall, they were going to make it mandatory that A/C compressors cease to operate at idle speed. That's what I recall. I could be wrong. But in hot weather and congested traffic, that's a terrible idea. But par for the course for CARB.
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When you say that the AC is always ON, do you mean running or just "running on demand"? I would expect it to stay off if the input air temperature is below the desired output air temperature...

To me AC ON = running, AC OFF = not running, AUTO/default = running on demand, but I may be wrong.

I mean that the AC is ALWAYS on, unless it actually says 'A/C OFF.' Even with no demand. For example. Its freezing cold outside, and you press the fan speed up button to turn on the HVAC. Then you increase the temp as high as it will go. In that situation, there's no demand for A/C, but if it does not say 'A/C OFF' then the compressor will be working ... A/C is on.
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