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Hi fellow Ody lovers,

I got my RRP EXL on Saturday. I'll talk about the good things in the van and let you read my bad experiences thus far in my post in problems/concerns forum <a href="">here</a>.

As I said, I'll metion the good things about the van on this post...

1) Power is noticibly better than previous models

2) The 5 speed trany is smooth, so smooth, I can't feel it shift though my ears tell me it's shifting.

3) Leather is nicer than I was expecting, but it could use some leather softener.

4) The changes they made to the standard sound system is very noticible. This is one thing that was first on my list to be replaced if I had bought a 2001, but I think it will do just fine.

5) No unusual sounds yet (quick knock on wood!), I don't even hear the common fuel sloshing sound.

Overall, I'm rather pleased with the van, but I'll be much happier when my other issues are resolved. If you haven't read my post in the Problems/Concerns forum, it's right <a href="">here</a>.

I'll post again once those issues are resolved and I have more than 48hrs to drive my new ody.

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