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another opinion based question.
Over the weekend I scored some j32 parts:
heads complete minus cams
upper and lower intake
injectors rails etc
plastic crate full of misc bolts nuts used gaskets random stuff that mostly looks like trash.

So i'm not completely sure if the parts are off of a j32a1 or a2. tried looking up all the numbers cast into the heads and got nothing. So I guess I'm going to have to break out my measurin stick and check the valve sizes, but I'm pretty sure its not type-s parts.

So the real question is: Is the swap worth the effort valve size is the same on the intake (provided its not type-s parts) and the exh. side will one increase 1mm. I want more power the 210 I have just isn't enough. The 02-04 j35 makes 240 hp but I can't find if any info on what the big difference between the 2 motors is. I can tell from the pictures the intake is different, and I assume that the cams are different but thats about all I have on that. The j32a2 type-s makes 265hp but again almost no info on what the big difference is between the base and type-2 motors. I've been looking into hybrid setups and have read about good numbers from the 02-04 ody block with rl/tl pistons (need the bigger valve reliefs/good for about 11:1 compression) and the j32a2 heads intake and so on. BUT again like everything else on the internet no dyno sheets just words on a screen.

The other option I've looked into is: supercharger... now please I don't need the why bother speeches. I have seen complete bolt on units for 3699 plus shipping. they promise 40-50 hp increase. I have a problem spending 4 grand to get the power I would have if my van was 1 year newer. Seems like a waste. So the best option seems to be building a motor.

Any suggestions? I only ask because I can't be the only one here that is looking for more get up and go.
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