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Jack points for tire rotation

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I'm trying to find out where the correct areas are for placing jack stands so I can rotate my tires. I wouldn't think it would be where the stock jack goes. I looked underneath and saw a spot or two that looked strong enough, but I'm afraid to do it without any real information. Thanks.
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Just wanted to let anyone who was interested know that I bought the service manual and found out that there are 2 jacking points in the middle under the front and rear of the van. In the front it looks like a steel loop that sticks downward, and it's located between the front wheels. In the rear there is a piece of reinforced metal that sticks downward in between the rear wheels. The reinforced points on the body are in just as famguy said, behind the front wheels and in front of the rear wheels. I made sure to pad my floor jack and jack stands with carpet to prevent chipping the paint. Now all I have to do is rotate my tires 3 times and that pays for the manual.
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