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Help us by donating to help save the JDM!!

Japan has been devastated by a massive earthquake, multiple tsunamis and now faces serious threats of nuclear radiation. THEY NEED OUR HELP.

These 2 paracord key chains, symbolizing the Japanese flag, are tied in the style of good luck knots - and the best part: 100% OF COST GOES TO THE AMERICAN RED CROSS FOR JAPANESE EARTHQUAKE AND PACIFIC TSUNAMI RELIEF.

So you can send your good luck and positive thoughts to Japan when you purchase this key chain package (package includes 1 red and 1 white good luck knot key chain).

ALL SALES from these key chains are donated to the American Red Cross for disaster relief for Japan. These are hand made one at a time.

Send a "gift" paypal payment of $15 to [email protected] and include your address in the comments with the payment for where we send the knots.

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