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Japanese Curtains

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Has anyone seem these curtains in person?
Rear ones are electric. Side curtains are manual.
Click on interiors then #19 at the bottom.

They are an accessory on the Japanese Odyssey (Lagreat).
I don't like the look but am I am interested in how they work. I want to put some type of curtains in my Odyssey.
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You'll have to click on the "interior" link on the left, then click on the #6 item in the bottom frame to see this.

At least I think that's what you're referring too...
Yes. #6 is for the side window curtains & #19 is for the rear curatins.

I am wondering if anyone has seen these in person or has a better photo available.

Too bad we can't get these options. Isn't there a lot more Odysseys sold in the US that LaGreats in Japan? I'd like to have #2, the wood shift knob.

You might can get them from Akiyoshi. I have emailed him a couple of times with Japanese Option questions and he is very nice, helpful and seems honest. He has offered to help me if I want. He has a web page dedicated to his Lagreat. You can find his email address here
wow.... i am literally drooling over the rearview camera that displays on the navi-screen (found in exterior page item#20 in webpage above).... i imagined having an option like this not realizing it was reality.... my thinking was that the camera would display on the navi-screen when the gear was put into reverse..... i wonder if that is how this one works..... question i will pose in hopes someone may know the answer..... 1. is this a honda factory accessory? 2. supposing it can be ordered from japan, would it be compatible to the us-navi system or are they incompatible (somewhat like us-playstation2 and japan ps2).... lastly.... 3. about how much would this cost us dollars?. need to know how attainable the dream is..... hopefully it is close

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RDU2000: sorry to go off the topic of the curtains (i will start a new thread in audio, video)

btw.... i am also interested in the rear, side curtains..... if you do get them please let us know how they are...

i am a big fan of any FACTORY accessories us or japan.... thanks for letting me in on the japan website for ody accessories.....

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'91 Accord LX
Where does Honda build the LaGreat? Just courious.
-i am a big fan of any FACTORY accessories us or japan.... thanks for letting me in on the japan website for ody accessories.....-

There's also a company called Shinkai Racing
who is planning on bringing in a container of parts from Japan. They posted in the Toyota webring that they are loking for anyone with needs for parts(any brand) from Japan to contact them and they might be able to get those parts.Shipping is free. I guess customer just pays for parts at cost.I inquired on a couple of parts but still waiting for a reply.
Website is Just click on their e-mail addy.
Hope this helps.

Rob/'01 GG LX
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