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I am super frustrated. I bought a JDM yello fog light kit on eBay. I have the factory installation instructions. The JDM wiring harness that interfaces with the fuse/relay boxes in the engine compartment doesn't match the factory diagram. I think it's too late to return them and was curious if anyone was able to make the aftermarket harness work? I've already cut the bumper so there is no turning back now! Can I purchase the correct wiring harness direct from Honda?
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Our Ody style is not sold in Japan, so there is no JDM yellow fog. This means you bought some copied aftermarket fogs made in China. Most likely the wiring harness is a generic aftermarket fog harness that they use for ALL fog kits. This has been the way aftermarket fogs are sold for as long as I can remember. If you don't want to customize the wiring you have, then your best bet is to buy the entire factory fog kit to get all the pieces you need. Of course this is very expensive.
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