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Hey gang,

New to the forum here, and new to the Odyssey family. Traded my '07 Civic in for a 2016 Odyssey TE a few weeks ago and so far I'm loving it. Back in my 20's I enjoyed some simple bolt-ons for my '99 Escort ZX2, so I figured I'd start looking into what's out there for the Odyssey. Seems like it's kind of meager pickings for the 4th Generation Ody, but I did come across this JDM ProM chip so I sprung on it for Christmas. Installed it earlier today. Was only able to give it two decent, long tests at WOT on the way into work, but the throttle response was significantly faster and the engine seemed far more eager to "go get it." There's little chance I take it to a dyno for exactly how much more HP and torque it provides, but for those who are curious about it, let me state definitively that it is a noticeable improvement. The marketing states it takes a week or two to "learn" your driving habits before it optimizes itself to your specific driving tendencies but out of the box I'm pleased with what it has done so far. The throttle response alone was probably worth it. Having traditionally been a manual transmission driver, the stock delay in throttle response on automatics has always been a dissatisfier for me but this virtually eliminated the hesitation before it drops a gear and goes while at speed.

I documented a couple videos of the installation so you all can see what that was like along with some of my thoughts. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2
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