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This is a combination of cars/motorcycles that have gone through the family over the few years.

1978 Civic Wagon - 180k mi
1978 CB125s - still runs
1984 XL250
1988 H100s
1990 Accord - 190k mi
1993 Civic Coupé EX - 210k mi - learned to drive in this, learned to work on cars, got into cars etc, i really miss this thing.
1999 Civic DX - 190k mi

2000 CB250 nighthawk - a toy at the moment
2001 Accord coupé EX 2.3 - 150k mi
2003 Odyssey EX - 236k mi on 2nd transmission still being driven.
2005 Civic Hybrid - 170k mi
2012 Fit Sport - 116k mi
2019 Odyssey EX-L ZF9 - 1.5k mi - finally joined the club. went with a 19' cheaper than 20' and didn't have idle stop.

I did get a 07' Nissan Xterra 4x4 at one point - was a nightmare of a vehicle, so back to Honda.
Ultimately choose the Odyssey instead of the MDX, more room, fuel effeciency, road trip comfort all around. Hoping to own this till the wheels fall off.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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