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I've been driving a 1982 Mercedes Diesel with unknown miles for the past 3 years and it was the most reliable car I have ever owned, I kid you not. The wife wanted a minivan so I sold the old Mercedes for $3500 and scoured the internet for a used Minivan.

I wanted to stay away from Dodge and Chrysler for obvious reasons.
Ford Windstar transmissions go early.
Chevy Astro 4WD would be perfect for me, but a little over kill for the wife.
Nissan Quest is too ugly and the newer body style was too expensive.

So that really left me with Toyota and Honda. All the reviews said that Honda was alot more fun to drive.
But I was open to either.

Oh... did I mention that my budget was $3500.

So, I just bought a 2002 Odyssey LX with 99,000 miles. The bought it in 2005 for $23k and just finished paying it off three months ago. The transmission acted up the check engine light came on and he took it to the dealer. Surprise surprise, they told him it needed a new transmission and it would cost $5,800. They convinced him to buy a new minivan, but he decided to sell this one on the side instead of trade it to them for $1500.

The van was clean and the interior in great shape, the exterior was an 8 except for a not-do-bad crease on the passenger side. Had great tires, dual a/c that worked, brakes seemed fine. Engine purred and the exhaust was near silent.
It ran great and drove great until the fluid warmed up after 10 mins and then it thumped as it when into gear.

I checked the fluid and it was burnt, grey and smelly, but not awful.

So I bought it. At $2500 I figured worse case scenario I spend another $2500 on a trans and still have a good deal. I never buy anything that doesn't need some work.

Drained and filled on the spot and drove her home. Shifted fine the 40 miles.
Drained and filled again the next day, the fluid is now nice and clean.
In the past 250 miles it has hesitated to go into 3rd gear twice, but if I let off the gas for a second it goes in.

This only happens when it is good and hot and we've been doing stop and go driving.
Other than that you would never know that there is a problem.

So, I'm try a transmission cooler, an inline filter, Amsoil and Lubegard red.
This is the trans cooler I want to go with:
Tru-Cool LPD

Your thoughts and comments are welcome and appreciated.

I think thats about it.
FYI... I'm from New Jersey, so obnoxious replies and comments will result in obnoxious replies and comments.

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Good job! In addition, consider changing the OEM transmission filter. Also, clean or replace the shift solenoid screens to restore full hydraulic pressure to the clutches. These are both non-trivial jobs, but many here have done them and have shared their experiences.

BTW, congrats on the new van!
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