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All, thanks to everyone on this forum and especially CNN for the pics and tips.

At 95k on my 2001 I tackled the Spark Plugs. I pulled each out and they looked surprisingly good but I figured after 10 years and 10k away from 105k, I'd replace them.

I used NGK R V Power (2262 is the part number on box) (2.49 each) I researched Platinum and for money sake and most likely selling the car in a year or so, I put in the NGK non platinum. I know they aren't fully the "right" specification but I figure that Platinum is more of a longevity and I'll still get 25-30k miles out of these ones.

They are gapped to .0044 which I double checked since the manual calls for .0040-.0042 but since they aren't the recommended Platinum plugs i left them at .0044.

I did each plug one by one so I had full attention. I carefully removed the coil and the plastic plug tubing on each of them and slowly loosened and used Anti-Seize to rethread. I know how to thread and they went in quite easily.

I drove the car and it seems more peppy and the idle is more smooth off the bat. That makes me feel better since I know I carefully handled each cylinder with care and precision.

It's an easy job. 45 minutes is all it took and half that time was just thinking.

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