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Hi folks! Just got the 2002 White Ody on MSRP. So far I have no problem with the van (well there may be a slight pull to the right
). I'll try the 6 Sec lane change test tomorrow.

Also got the 5/100k/0 HC EW for $995. I guess I should have visited this forum before going to the dealership. Could have gotten 7/100k/0 for the similar price (for $875 from Tracy Dalton 800-264-3275). Thanks to this forum I have better info now. I’ll call back the dealership to either cancel it or match Tracy’s offer.

Dealer put the Splash Guard ($89) and Fog lights for $430. Not a bad deal because I couldn't risk the Fog Light installation with my average tinkering skills.

You guys are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.


TW EX 02 Fog S-Guards (looking for interesting mods)
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