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Just hit 250,000 miles

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Just hit the 250K mark, yes with the original tranny so it can be done.


1999 Odyssey LX

Bought new in February of 1999 from Hennessy Honda in Woodstock, GA I had to pay $500 over sticker which at the time was a good deal
Parts I've replaced or repaired (as far as I can remember a least)

Several batteries
Many sets of tires
A bazillion sets of front brake pads
3 sets of rotors
1 front brake caliper
Replaced all belts, timing chain, water pump, etc - twice
2 sets of spark plugs
Many air/cabin filters
Few dash lights
Clock light
Both sliding door handles
Just changed one of the sliding door latch mechanism
Repaired the rear wiper (shaft had rusted - took apart, cleaned and re-installed)
Air bag control module
Both real window motors - under warranty
Both O2 sensors
2 front windshields
1 rear windshield (don't ask)
A few tie rod ends
Sway bar control links
1 front wheel bearing (I did not do this repair)

The only major repair was when I replaced the PS rack and pump, which most of that I did myself.

Currently needs a rear wheel bearing replaced, have the parts just need to find the time. I'm going to change everything on both sides while I have it apart. All new brake parts and rear shocks.

Still getting 23MPG on the highway and does not burn a drop of oil between changes.
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Did see the "T" word there. That's great.

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Original tranny - there is hope!!!

How about ignition switch and EGR?

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I'm on track to nearly equal your performance. We've got 178,000 miles on our 03LX. We paid $500 under sticker, which was STILL considered a good deal at the time. My trans does whine a bit in third gear, so I'm not going to make it to 250 with that. 200, tops.

But my repair list is remarkable short:
Recalls: Tbelt tensioner and tranny oil jet

Sched maintenance: fluids, belts, filters per schedule (severe for tranny), brake pads every 40k front, 60k rear.
Repairs: 2 driver power window motors, 2 EGR valves, 1 sliding door handle, 2 sliding door middle roller assemblies, 1 HVAC resistor, EGR passage cleanout, valve adjustment (probably not critical, as it turned out)

The amazing: Still on factory rotors! We get about 85,000 miles on average per set of tires! No dash lights out (even the clock). Zero oil use (7k average Mobil1 5w30 changes - and the valve train was SPOTLESS). Zero gasket and seal seeping/weeping. Totally factory suspension still rides well (never been aligned even).

I wasn't all that impressed with the first 70,000 miles of this car. Since then, nothing but more impressive. At current rate, we'll hit 250k in 3.5 years.

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250k wow !

Thats great Jason 250 K with the original tranny gives me hope ! We have a 2003 EX with 103K miles on it with the original tranny no problems yet I use mobil-1 oil with filter (purolator pure one ) doing 10K oil changes and drain the tranny every other change at 20 k intervals refilling with 3.5 quarts of the valvoline extended life tranny fluid ... the tranny fluid looks bright red and clean all the time ...I plan to check out the new Hondatranny fluid for the next change provided they don't want an arm and a leg for it ...

I have the timing belt, tensioner,tensioner pulley, water pump, ps belt and serpentine belt on the workbench ready to install very soon ... I am 68 and a retired mechanic but most of my mechanic work is on classic cars not the modern stuff but I feel confident to tackle it .:D

We love our ODY ! B0B in Michigan
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