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Hello my fellow Odyssey brethren and sisters (if you exist on this forum),

I just bought an 03 Ex Odyssey with just under 35,000 miles on the clock. Spent its whole life in Texas. Now its here with me in freezing Toronto.

I want it to last as long as possible and I plan to baby it.

I am all too familiar with the transmission failures in these odysseys.

From my browsing the forum I have gathered the following:

1) Installing a transmission cooler and getting a remote filter should help increase the life of my transmission. My understanding is that Jasper uses the TRU-COOL LPD4490. How is the tru-cool max different from this though?

2) I plan to use the best oil and filter available. What are you using?

3) I know this is probably subject to debate but I also intend to use red lubeguard transmission additive.

4) I plan to soon change the brake fluid and power steering fluid using only Honda fluids.

5) I also plan to drain and refill the transmission fluid every(or every other) oil change using Z-1 atf oil.

6) I will be getting a remote filter installed soon , B&M probably, unless you have different suggestions.

7) I also tend to do alot of city driving sometimes(mostly during the summer). I gather that getting a power steering cooler might be a good idea.

Would you do anything differently or extra?

I'm very interested in hearing about any measures you have taken to lengthen the life of your Odyssey.

Thanks alot!


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We have twins!!! Although my beige 03 hasn't been as babied as yours.

I think you've got the list down pat. First thing I did was do a 4 x drain and fillk with ATF z-1, replace the screw on canister trans filter, and install a cooler (tru cool as well). I have 25,000km on the trans fluid and it's still pink. But I'l lprobably do another 4 x drain and fill soon anyway.

I don't put any other additives in the trans but that's up to you.

I also changed the plugs with new NGK platinums.

I changed brake and PS fluids as well. used regular brake fluid (dot 4) and bardhal PD fluid (the one compatibale with honda's from Crappy Tire).

As for oil, I use whatever is on sale and a good brand name. I just change it every 4,500 - 5,000 KM. I bought some Denso filters online because I didn't like the HOnda OEM filters (they are made by Fram).

I figure I got a good price on mine. Even if I have to get a trans rebuild I'm not out any $$.

FWIW, in 3 years of ownership I've only had to replace one ignition coil and the ATF temperature sensor. So it's been pretty reliable.

Enjoy your ride and welcome!!

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I would check out the new Honda AT fluid called ATF DW-1 as it is synthetic. Call Honda and see if it is recommended for your 2003.
I personally believe that the poor shear quality of Honda's Z-1 may have contributed to their AT problems.
Do a 4x change of that fluid.
In Toronto, use a quality oil filter and a top quality 0-w-20 motor oil, even Honda is OK.
Haven't heard much about the necessity of a PS cooler.
Change the AT filter that is on the vehicle and also install the MagnaFine filter and exta cooler should help.
Check to see if the tranny mod has been done to your vehicle.
Drain, flush and refill the cooling system with the recommended anti-freeze.
Change the cabin air filter.
You got the rest.
Enjoy your new vehicle. :)
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