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What a blessing it is to live here in such a moderate climate. My detailing includes twice a year with NuFinish, lotsa dustings w/California Car Duster and occasional wash jobs. This summer, I have been able to go as long as five weeks with a clean appearing van, since it sits in my garage when not in use. We retired guys can do that. It rarely sits outside all day, unless we are travelling.

Yes, I love that super slick feel when a polish job is just completed, but, in my world, it comes down to how it LOOKS. NuFinish (I occasionally use Meguiar's one-step cleaner/wax on the hood to get rid of the grunge) gives a really great, wet looking shine for a minimum of labor. We old guys really appreciate that. I used to wash my cars weekly, wax often and detail the engine at least bi-weekly. I guess I burned out, Hee! Hee!

Keep up the good work.......

Jerry O. 2001 GG LX

Yeah, I really gotta get on the bandwagon and shine up my Civic, but car wax and I don't mix. That's what step dads are for



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