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I need to replace the CD head unit in my '07 EX-L. I've never been happy with the stock head unit, and now the CD player and my custom iPhone adapter have failed. Back in '07, I was very displeased with Honda and aftermarket iPod/aux input offerings, e.g. they weren't loud enough or insisted on controlling the iPod from the head unit.

My must-have's are:
  • iPhone integration, prefer 1 cable for audio and charging
  • Control iPhone from the phone or the head unit
  • CD player
  • Good sound
  • Steering wheel and stock 7-speaker (with sub) compatible
  • Around $300 = no nav or DVD
  • Looks and feels good, e.g. dual-DIN, big buttons and knobs, custom backlight color, backlight dimming, etc.

I'm basically down to 2 options: aftermarket dual-DIN or re-consider a factory replacement and then add an iPhone adapter. I like the Kenwood DPX308U since it seems to meet my needs from above. If there was a decent iPhone adapter I'd consider that with a replacement factory stereo.


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