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Knocking from front when turning and moving

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I just purchased a 2003 Ody EX-L with 140k miles on it.
When i got the van, the steering wheels vibrate badly at any speed, making light knocking noise when turning steering wheels.

So far, i have done the following to the van since day one.

1) replace air filter, in car cabin filter, oil change.
2) replace front 2 rotors with new brake pads.
3) replace all front struts and rear shocks.
4) replace 4 new tires, Toyo Versado LX
5) replace one bent wheel.
6) replace rear engine mount
7) replace front stabilizer bar end links.
8) all wheels balance and aligned.

now, the van is making more knocking noise when im driving slow and especially turning while in low speed.
Steering wheel vibrates slightly over 70mph.

anyone have any ideas?


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Is the knocking sound on low speed sharp turns also associated with a slight wheel hop? Sounds like you need to check the CV joints next.
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