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We have had our 2000 ody for about 7 years now but have never taken her out fully loaded for a trip of any length.

Next month we are going to take her to the Grand Canyon with 6 adults and a 2 year old. Full load!

My 2000 is an EX and is totally stock. It got a new tranny about 2 years ago as a defect replacement and just got a new timing belt and water pump. (Rolled 100k miles a couple of month ago... its a light driver comparably I guess.)

I dont have a trailer hitch or roof cross bars... so I am thinking of just doing a roof bag connected to the factory riser bars.

Any suggestions for the road? We are going to try to keep road time to less than 5 hours at a stretch to keep the youngster from going crazy.

I am excited to take this old girl out for a trip!
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