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LaGreat OEM Front Spoiler

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Hachiroku, in your website you show what you call a LaGreat OEM front spoiler. How can I get one? It looks as if it might be just the thing to help with the wind wander which I find at times in my Odyssey. Do they come in body color or must they be painted?

Jerry O. 2001 GG LX
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You would have to import one from Japan. And it's probably not going to be cheap. Have you checked out the Wingswest kit's front spoiler? No need to import that. Check out bmorison's pics in the Gallery.



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Jerry O,
Like Nestor said, it has to be imported and it costs. I still want to get one although my friend hasn't brought in a container from JP in awhile. If you're really interested, try asking the guys at
Better yet,to skip all the red-tape, just get the Wings West front spoiler.

'01 GG LX "Lagreat"(with stuff,just S-T-U-F-F)
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