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Lagreat parts

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I think the Lagreat is produced in Alliston, Ontario along with the other Odysseys. Presumably, the parts are made somewhere in North America also. So, shouldn't it be possible to get parts here rather than having to import them from Japan?
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Had the dealer check with Honda and they said they can't get the tail lights here. They said when they build the Lagreat in Canada it is not completely finished. Some things are put on (ie. lights) after they get over to Japan. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to do that, but that's what they told me.
Bummer. And I thought I had a lead to continue my Lagreat conversion.

Definitely not a cost effective system by Honda. You figure it must be cheaper to ship the tailights here in bulk than to pay workers to install those tailights.

Rob/'01 GG LX "Lagreat"
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Sounds like a typical dealer lie to me.
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