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Laptop in Odyssey

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Just plunked down $500 for the privilege of waitng 3 months for my 2002 EX (Granite Green).

I was tempted by the dvd system, even the dealer installed ives system, but I figured I have a laptop that plays DVDs, on a 15 in screen, not the dinky little flip down. (BTW, who was the genius at Honda who figured out that you can buy entertainment system or Navi, but not both? You'd think they'd want to make the extra money.)

And the price? I could equip each of my kids with a portaable dvd player and a stack of dvds for less than Honda is asking.

The laptop also appeals because it is, well, portable. I can take it into another car as well as into hotel rooms, etc. on trips.

Downside is that laptop would not play through car's speaker systems, but I could attach decent speakers to the laptop itself, or equip it with its own wireless headphone.

And I'd still like my kids to look out the window not at a tv screen while we're driving--at least some of the time.

The same considerations go for Navi, portability is the key that is provided by my computer.

(Another toy I own is a portable cd player that plays mp3 files. I can play this with an adapter through a car cassette player. Pirated music aside, I can put all 9 of Beethoven Symphonies, his 5 piano concertos, his violin and piano sonatas on just one CD.)

Now, I actually have a question. Does anyone know of a table, shelf, bracket, etc. that would hold a laptop? I was thinking of simply putting it on the table between the two front seats, but that seems too narrow for my foot wide computer.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Time is not an issue. After all, I have until the end of February at the earliest before I'll get the car.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by latichever:

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I believe that has a table to be installed in automobiles specifically for laptops. It is around $150.

I have their hardware/software for laptop navigation as well as a Navi in my Ody. The Navi is far superior (even though the delorme system is very good - I use this in my other automobiles). I added an aftermarket DVD/VCP with 7"rooftop monitor to my Navi and the entre system is great.

Good luck.
If you're not an audio purist you could run the audio out from your laptop into an FM modulator, either wired or wireless, and "receive" it through the FM radio. This is similar to the way FM modulated CD changers work. If you're satisfied with the audio from your laptop's speakers, you'll probably find this alternative acceptable.

Just my $0.02 worth. I'm sure the true audiophiles will disagree.

Actually, If you add an FM modulator and hook it up to the speaker output of the laptop you will have audio through the Ody's speakers. You can also plug it into anything else that has audio outputs.

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Another thing to consider is when you will be using the video system, during the day or night. I had tried using a laptop to watch videos in the Odyssey. When it's dark, not too bad but during the day is a different story. The video is too dark to view with the sun out. Have you tried using your laptop during the day outdoors? I have no problems watching videos during the day with my add-in display.

Hope this helps.

Warren - '01 GG EX
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by latichever:
Now, I actually have a question. Does anyone know of a table, shelf, bracket, etc. that would hold a laptop? </font>

Check out this site:
Click on Lap Traveler on the left column.

I'm thinking of getting a laptop stand, but I need feedbacks from other users. Let me know how you like it if you get one.
For MP3's I would look at ARCHOS.COM. There are a few versions of the one I have but basically this gives you a battery powered 6 gig hard drive cabaple of storing 150 CD's (the 20 gig model stores over 500). I used a cassette adapter to send the output throughthe car speakers on my 1996 Odyssey. Now that the cassette is gone on my 2002 I am not sure what I will do (yet).

I agree about the laptop, good idea and flexible solution to drilling holes in you car.

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