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Largest size tire

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What is the largest sized tire that will fit the 2G EX wheels? IIRC, 215/65 is stock, so 235/60 would be about the same side wall, but a bit more meat on the road. There is a tire size calculator on that shows how much the speedo will be off and other valuble figures, which is nice.

Any experiences?

David Coleman
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The 16" 2. generation stock rim has a width of 6.5", thus a 235/60-R16 fits at maximum. I switched from the 225/60-R16 stock (2003-04) to the 235's and that worked out perfectly well.
BTW, that switch is less than 2% difference, compared to stock.
Isabel04 said:
STM-does the handling improve at all?
IMHO, the handling has significantly improved. However, this is probably due to a combination of the width and quality of the tires. I did choose the Michelin Hydroedges and I'm very happy with them.

You can do a quick search and you will find threads about the Hydroedge and other tire brands in the 235/60-R16 size. There are quite a few posts reporting improvements in handling after the swap.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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