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Largest size tire

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What is the largest sized tire that will fit the 2G EX wheels? IIRC, 215/65 is stock, so 235/60 would be about the same side wall, but a bit more meat on the road. There is a tire size calculator on that shows how much the speedo will be off and other valuble figures, which is nice.

Any experiences?

David Coleman
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My father-in-law has a Pilot with 235/60-16's, and I swapped wheels with him one day to see if they'd work on my 2001 EX.

They did, without rubbing, and they raised the van about an inch, which is enough to keep the hitch from scraping as I enter my steep driveway.

Never scraped before I added the hitch. So I've got to do something to raise the van.

Going to buy some new tires tomorrow morning in the bigger size.
Jerry O said:
I believe the Pilot uses 70 series tires (235/70-16s), which would explain the added height. Using those will cost you a bit of handling and the tires available in that size are light truck types. I have been interested in some of the sport truck tires, such as the Kumho Ecsta STXs. Let us know how this works out.

Jerry O.
It did not work out. Must be a difference in the Pilot's offset, because although it worked OK with those rims/tires, when the guys at Discount Tire mounted a 235/70-16 on my rim, it rubbed the forward plastic wheel well.

Ended up with Kumho 235/60-16 and so far am happy with them.
But they are the same overall diameter (maybe a tenth of an inch larger) so they did not fix my problem of scraping my tow hitch on the asphalt as I turn up my steep driveway. Many different threads here have convinced me to get some Airlift bags. That will solve my problem.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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