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Leather seats from Tommy-Likes?Dislikes?

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I'm still looking at wood dashes (thanks to those that responded in a different thread), and itching to start personalizing my Ody, but a spill on the seats yesterday got me thinking about leather again. The seats from Tommy seem like a pretty good deal-especially compared to an installed $1400-$1600 for most others.
I've followed the older threads; to those who've had a chance to install and live with them for a while, any comments? Would you do it again? Any disappointments?
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So how come one will answer?
Mine are still sitting in the original box on a shelf. Wanted to wait until the cloth seats got thrashed before switching over to the leather. However, the cloth seats are wear resistent and clean up "like new" with the upholstery cleaning machine we have. The leather kit appears to be of good quality. Extensive discussion thread on these seats from Tommy several months back. Most people seemed to like them.
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