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LED Interior Lights for 2023 Ody Elite

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Is there a “package” set for replacing all the interior lights with LED? Did this years ago with the 2014. Don’t know where to start with the new 2023.
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Yes, you need to buy these, i did this on my 2023. Below are Amazon Canada links but I'm sure you can find similar of USA site.
Interior Lights


Reverse (if your looking for something brighter)

You can also follow this video.
I bought a kit for Ody. ok so far since Nov 2022

i have bought these for $30 (goes for all led inside and will be left with 2 extra ) replace all other than vanity mirror dont want to get blasted by 6000k when looking into an tiny mirror & keep it stock light as alway. ( trunk and 1 spare )
On my 2019 EX I did these for the map lights and door lights: 194 LED Bulb - COB LED - T3.25 Miniature Wedge Base - 135 Lumens | Super Bright LEDs (4000k for map lights and red for door lights)

These for the 2nd and 3rd row (bulbs need to be short): 194 LED Landscape Light Bulb - 5 LED - Miniature Wedge Retrofit - 30 Lumens | Super Bright LEDs (4100k)

This for the trunk: DE3175 LED Light Bulb - (4) SMD LED Festoon Bulb - 3022 Base | Super Bright LEDs (4000k)

And these for the glovebox and console: 74 LED Bulb - 3 SMD LED - Miniature Wedge Base | Super Bright LEDs (4000k)

They also have both warmer and cooler colour temps available, but I like the ~4000k - not blue at all.

All bulbs dim nicely except if they are in the middle of dimming at the same time the engine is starting - then they flicker a bit as the engine cranks.

Let me know if you want pics.

Maybe it is just me but I find 6000k LEDs way too harsh.

edit: Links updated
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go over to and get the philips chip ones.. a bit more on the expensive side but i've run them on cars for 5+ years with no issues..
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