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On my 2019 EX I did these for the map lights and door lights: 194 LED Bulb - COB LED - T3.25 Miniature Wedge Base - 135 Lumens | Super Bright LEDs (4000k for map lights and red for door lights)

These for the 2nd and 3rd row (bulbs need to be short): 194 LED Landscape Light Bulb - 5 LED - Miniature Wedge Retrofit - 30 Lumens | Super Bright LEDs (4100k)

This for the trunk: DE3175 LED Light Bulb - (4) SMD LED Festoon Bulb - 3022 Base | Super Bright LEDs (4000k)

And these for the glovebox and console: 74 LED Bulb - 3 SMD LED - Miniature Wedge Base | Super Bright LEDs (4000k)

They also have both warmer and cooler colour temps available, but I like the ~4000k - not blue at all.

All bulbs dim nicely except if they are in the middle of dimming at the same time the engine is starting - then they flicker a bit as the engine cranks.

Let me know if you want pics.

Maybe it is just me but I find 6000k LEDs way too harsh.

edit: Links updated
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