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Lighting upgrades?

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Hello all..... Just bought an 05 Honda Odyssey... We're calling it quits on our 95...

Anyways... Whats recommended for lighting upgrades... Did u go upgrade the bulbs or go with a set of HID's?...
Are HID's blinding for oncoming traffic since they arent projectors?

bulb sizes?
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I have installed 3 kits from XenonDepot on 05 ody, 94 Legend, 09 accord. I have no issues or problems. My number 1 concern is quality so I went with the exstream kits. I'm in the Electrical Engineering business so I looked for kits that have factory testing. It's hard to prove that this testing has been completed but the other competitors are always the first to point out any cheating. I also have a 01 CL-S that had factory HID and the transformer on one side quit after 200k miles. Inside it was a bad pot that just needing adjusting,, Also the usable light is in the 4300k to 5000k range,,, no need to to go higher unless you like blue tint.
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