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Just wanted to share feedback on my latest detailing of my 2003 Honda Odyssey.

Tried the Mothers 3 step process - cleaner, sealer, wax and was not as impressed as I thought I would be.

However, I was VERY impressed with Mothers FX Tire Shine and also their interior "protectant" (not the fx line)...both were the best I have ever used as far as results and longevity.

After being disappointed by the Mothers 3 step I tried Liquid Glass wax/polish based on the RAVE reviews on WOW! Instant results...easy on and off. Did a second coat which they recommend doing after at least 4 hours from the first coat due to "curing" and the results were so impressive that I have received several comments on this older Odyssey.

If you have never tried Liquid Glass in the past or did prior to their reformulation you should give it a go...I will no longer use anything but this and the price on beat all the local stores.

Hope this helps some...
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