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Long time Honda Owner going to be buying my first Odyssey ('07)

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I've purchased 4 new Hondas since '98 ('98 Civic, '00 Accord, '05 CR-V, '08 Civic Si) and I'm set to drive about 150 miles tomorrow to check out a private party '07 LX Odyssey and as long as all things are as stated I will be buying it.

Right now I own an '07 4WD 4Runner (my wife's daily driver and our road trip/off road rig) and an '08 Civic Si sedan. I bought the Si when my first child was one year old and didn't anticipate maxing out the usefulness of this car so soon (my third child turned 1 year old this week!). I only live about 5 miles from work and started commuting on my bike for the exercise and find I'm only using my Si a few miles a week and an occasional drive to the airport for business. I've done a series of modifications to my civic that have it at about 242 HP/ 177 lbft at the wheels while I still average about 35 MPG in mixed driving. The Si has been my baby but it just isn't very useful for our family and I can't justify keeping it so here comes the Odyssey.

The Odyssey will be my wife's daily driver (she doesn't like the height of the 4Runner for getting kids in and out) and I'll take the 4Runner when needed.

I'm a little concerned about all of the bad news about the '07s torque converter and hope to figure out how bad this really is before I plunk down a tidy sum of cash tomorrow!

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The '07 didn't work out as planned. It turns out that "like new" to me means something different than it did to the seller. Maybe I'm off base to think that the tires shouldn't be bald (with a screw in one), or the radiator reservior shouldn't be empty and the radiator not full (where's the coolant going?) or that the front bumper would be displaced and a rusty gouge to the frame where something was hit or for the back seats to look like someone took a 12-gauge with #8 shot to a 2-liter of coke.

Oh well. Think I'll look for another year besides the '07 in the hope of bypassing the reliability issues that seem to be rather frequent.
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