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long trips: security

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The Honda will be my first van. Since the design includes so much glass (and since the vehicle itself is so desirable) I wonder what you owners do to both secure the contents of the van and keep the vehicle itself right where you park it, especially on long (several days or more)auto tours.
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We take all valuables into the hotel with us. If you have RES, be sure to fold up the screen and take the headphones in with you. Also take any Playstations or other appealing stuff inside.

Another thought is to park somewhere that's secure and well lit where you'll be able to keep an eye (or ear) on the Ody.

The general consensus is that if a carjacker wants your car, it's his. I guess there's ways around the microchipped key. The trick is to just keep your van undesireable to a theif. There's always LoJack too.

Good luck!

Get yourself a lovable, loyal, doggy....mine is a teddy bear but he is very protective of his Ody!

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How about alarm systems? More trouble than they're worth (noisy and embarassing false alarms)? Or have they reached a point where they can be relied upon? What's LoJack?

Sorry to be so naive about all this, but up here on the North Atlantic, we don't think much about security. Two daughters living in New Jersey suggest we'd better give it some thought, however, as we journey south several times a year. (Cross-border travel discourges travel with large and protective animals like a pit bull or a horse)

scotian - IMHO alarms are good only to scare off the joy riders. A pro will get you vehicle.

LoJack is a transmitter in your car that you activate when you report your car stolen. It started here in MA when we were the stolen car capital of the US. The police (if equipped) can then tune in your vehicle's transmitter and track it down. It isn't used all over the US and I don't think it is offered in Canada at all. Check out
stay at motels that allow you to park immediately in front of your room, take as much as possable into the room, get the club and use it, it wont stop the pro's but will deter the 15 year old's
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