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Looking at a 2010 EXL but something puzzling me

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I found a 2010 EXL with 16k miles. Everything looks ok at this point except something puzzling me about the carfax. It says that after the van was traded in Feb 2011, the dealer reprogrammed the engine/powertrain computer module.

Then in April 2011, the body electrical system was checked. I am a little concerned at this point. Are these vans prone to mysterious electrical problems? It is Honda CPO so maybe they will stand behind it (and push). I just hate the hassles of weird, intermittent electrical gremlins. Thoughts?
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Dealer was probably doing the recalls and tsb so it could be sold CPO.
The electrical system was probably checked because it was probably sitting on the lot for a few months...
Ours is a '06 EXL-RES and we have no problems with the van as far as electrcal goes. As for the re-programming, there was a TSB out to reprogram the shift point on the transmission. Probably includes the 2010 also.

TSB A09-053

Product Update: Lock-Up Clutch Judders Between 20–45 MPH
A judder from the torque converter lock-up clutch may
be felt while driving between 20–45 mph. To minimize
the judder, a PCM A/T software update is available.
If the judder returns sometime in the future, after the
PCM A/T software is updated, the torque converter
would need to be replaced.
2007–08 Odyssey – ALL
2009 Odyssey
Production Line 1 –
FromVIN 5FNRL3...9B000351
thru 5FNRL3...9B056551
Production Line 2 –
FromVIN 5FNRL3...9B400201
thru 5FNRL3...9B410343
EX-L, Touring:
Production Line 1 –
FromVIN 5FNRL3...9B000201
thru 5FNRL3...9B050869
Production Line 2 –
FromVIN 5FNRL3...9B400321
thru 5FNRL3...9B405632
Not all vehicles within the affected VIN range have
lock-up clutch judder. To verify vehicle eligibility, check
for at least one of these items:
• The customer has a notification letter.
• The vehicle is shown as eligible on a VIN status
In addition, check for a punch mark above the third
character of the engine compartment VIN. A punch
mark in that location means this product update has
already been completed.
Some of the vehicles affected by this product update
may be in your new vehicle inventory. These vehicles
must be updated before they are sold or leased. To
see if a vehicle is affected by this campaign, do a VIN
status inquiry before selling it, leasing it, or returning it
to a service customer.
Should an unrepaired vehicle that was in inventory, or
that came in for service after this service bulletin was
issued, cause an injury or property damage because of
the campaigned item, the dealership will be solely
responsible to the damaged party, and will be required
to defend and indemnify American Honda for any
resulting claims.
Owners of affected vehicles will be sent a notification of
this product update. An example of the customer
notification is at the end of this service bulletin.
Update the PCM A/T software.
HDS Software Version:
2.018.016 (July 2009) (aqua) or later.
Control Module (CM) Update:
Application Version V6.17.08 or later.
Database Update 24-JUN-2009 or later.
The updated PCM A/T software program IDs and P/Ns
are shown below. If these, or later program IDs are the
current ones displayed during the update, the software
for this product update is already installed.
Year/Model Program ID Program P/N
2007 Odyssey
(or later)
(or later)
2007 Odyssey
EX-L, Touring
(or later)
(or later)
2008 Odyssey
(or later)
(or later)
2008 Odyssey
EX-L, Touring
(or later)
(or later)
2009 Odyssey
(or later)
(or later)
2009 Odyssey
EX-L, Touring
(or later)
(or later)
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My Odyssey has this exact problem but is a 05. No reflash was ever done because it wasnt in the years covered. So is it the torque converter?
Two thoughts -

1) Carfax information is notorious for being wrong


2) The work orders for whatever was done should be in the dealer's computer. Review them to see exactly what was done.
Yes they can get electrical gremlins. I'm proof. When the oat gets below 55F my headlights & inside lights tend to slightly pulse (instrument lights are normal). I think it's the alternator but the dealer swore it was not & refused to do anything about it. They said it was probably a bad ground from a deer hit I had two years ago. However, it was fine for the first year after that.
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