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We're east of you in Concord and have a 2008, Ex, I think. Leather, sunroof. Have had it for about 5 years. Overall, we've been pleased with it, no major issues.
We make at least one trip a year to Missouri and it is the wifes daily driver. This is our first minivan, previous was a Saturn Vue, and we think we've been through a lot of tires. Mentioned that to a garage manager and he said that Odysseys are heavier than other minivans and the original tires made for it cost too much and yes, you will go through tires.
We now have to replace CV joint, gonna look at doing that today or Monday.
If you want to look at a Maroon '08 with a drivers side sliding door that doesn't work automatically, unless it's humid (weird, right?), give me a shout.

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Scotty definitely is a little eccentric but is extremely knowledgeable. I consider myself a Toyota and Honda fan and have owned both the Toyota van and the Odyssey. I did have some issues with the older Toyota Previa van I owned once it got over 200,000 miles on it so it wasn't perfect either. But hands down both Honda and Toyota vans are superior to anything else out there in my opinion. My recommendations are to look at the reliability reports on each year model before purchasing. Not just for transmission but also repair histories.
I would personally be concerned about purchasing an older Odyssey with many miles that has not had the VCM disabled.
Scotty definitely knows a lot but once in a while his clickbait trolling (titles like you have to be stupid to buy a...) erodes his credibility. In this case he knows instead of saying this is why a sienna is better than an odyssey he gets more views pissing people off.
He did the same with ridgeline. He was full of it and made no retraction.
And notice for years now about the only car he is under is his own celica?
I suspect he hasnt made a living wrenching on cars for a decade, could be a lot longer.
And even if he has how much statistical data does an independent mechanic personally observe?
Dont get me wrong Im a fan and his videos are helpful, but every once in a while an internet know it all is full of **** and scotty is not known to recognize or admit when he is. And his videos are increasingly leaning toward incendiary clickbait.

Its related to cunninghams rule. The best way to get the right answer on the internet is not to post a question but to post the wrong answer. Absolutely true. Hes saying something controversial or even wrong knowing he will get more views.

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I have a 2006 EX Model Odyssey. It has been a great car for us for the most part. I have been very studious about oil changes but was unaware of the transmission issues on this van until I found this forum. Van now is about 257,000 miles. Burns no oil. We started having some transmission issues show up after I had a local shop do a transmission flush on it at about 100,000 miles. Transmission only got worse over time to the point we were afraid to take it out of town for fear it would give up the ghost on the road and leave us stranded somewhere.

I have since found out from this forum never to do a transmission "flush" on this vehicle. Also as suggested on this forum I have done 3 drain and fills on the transmission and replaced the transmission filter. Exchanged the honda tran fluid with the Valvoline Maxlife full synthetic and also added the Lubegard Transmission additive as per instructions. It has saved my tranny and now we have no fear driving this thing across the country.

Since ours is the EX model we never had issues with the VCM since it did not come so equipped.

Aside from the transmission issue, the power steering pump has always been an ongoing issue. Problems since it was a couple of years old. Noisy, leaking, problematic, etc.. It has been rebuilt by dealer once, had O'rings changed several times, replaced hoses, reservoir tank, etc..

I have as mentioned by Belmont, also have rebuilt the front end (in my driveway) with Coilover Struts, control arms, sway bar links, inner and outer tie rods, CV axles, steering outer links. At the same time I also replaced rear shocks.

A couple months ago I also replaced all 4 oxygen sensors and just adjusted the valves, replaced the PCV valve, cleaned the EGR valve, cleaned the intake and throttle body out (when I adjusted the valves), and replaced all of the fuel injectors. Last year I replaced the rollers on the sliding doors, the rear lift supports on the back door and the oil filter housing gasket.

Also within the last 18 months I replaced the timing belt, tensioner and idler pulley, belts, plugs, water pump, flushed the power steering pump, and flushed the cooling system at the same time.

I now have a leak on the rear main seal that is splashing oil underneath the car and onto the exhaust system creating alot of smoke and strong burning oil smell. runs great hahaha! With all the work I have put into this thing the last 2 years I am expecting to get another 100,000 miles out of it hopefully. It is by far the most comfortable riding car we have of 4 cars.

As far as the rear main seal goes, I have added some seal conditioner AT-205 yesterday and hope that will help with the leak. Otherwise the price range quotes I have gotten to replace it are all over the place. $650-$1365 from local shops. Pulling the transmission to do this is not something I have the equipment to perform.

Other than the above-mentioned repairs, the usual brake and rotors, battery, starter, etc..
Another repair that I need to do and is my next project is replacing the AC solenoid under the dash. It regulates the air temperature on the split climate control. This is yet another thing I discovered on this forum as the cause of my AC issues.

Just looking at the research, the Toyota's look to have a better reliability history than the Odyssey, though we have been pretty happy with ours. The popular youtube mechanic Scotty Kilmer has a video where he talks about these vans that might be informational to you
and the Consumer Reports reliability history is a phenomenal resource when considering a new or used vehicle. I never purchase anything anymore without referencing Consumer Reports and looking at the Carfax report on the VIN number.

Although we have loved our van, if it was me I would seriously consider the Toyota Sienna as a good one to consider over the Odyssey.

Some of the repairs no doubt could have probably gone without attention but with my OCD I simply can't stand something that is not performing optimally. This forum has been an invaluable resource for me in doing much of the work on the van and knowing what to do and getting great advice. I have increased my fuel mileage 2-3 miles per gallon by adjusting the valves, cleaning the EGR valve, throttle body, intake plenum, replacing the PCV valve, and replacing the oxygen sensors. It now purrs and has more power and pep than it has had in 10 years.
I thought I had a rear main seal leak it turns out it is my valve cover gasket on the cylinder bank closest to the windshield. My 06 Ody purchased in 2015 with 195K on it , is now past the 250K mark and the only maintenance I have done is the Timing Belt components (Timing belt had 150K+ on it at replacement ) looked fine, along with the serpentine belt componenets, the small tranny filter unique to 05/6 model, one bad alternator , an A/C switch, Dash lights, and the usual wear and tear items oil changes, tires. My tranny is fine I yearly 3 flush it . Now I know they love to push the VCM gadget its almost religious on this forum but I still have the VCM connected and it works just fine , but to each his own . I would go with the 07 model with the beefier tranny, if you can find one in your price range . But all in all this is the best 4K purchase I have ever made.
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