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Losing Presets and Other Strange Issues on 2011 Touring

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Hi - I really enjoy reading this forum. It has been very helpful.

Just bought a new 2011 Touring 2 weeks ago and we've noticed some strange things happening with the audio/video system.

For some reason, the first three presets (1-3) on the FM dial keep reverting back to factory settings. We'll save radio stations and then they'll disappear in a couple of days. 4,5, and 6 remain on our desired presets.

Also, today, I was playing a dvd for the kids, and without pushing any buttons, it kept switching over to FM radio from the DVD. I'd hit the rear source again, the movie will continue to play, and then a couple of minutes later it cuts back to the FM radio. Weird.

Probably something I need to take in, but wanted to see if anyone else had this same problem and knew of a solution.

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It looks like some softwae glitch with the A/V system. I have never experienced that with my van. I would take it in and have the dealer look at it.

Good luck!


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You might have gotten a radio that was made on a Friday afternoon.

I would take it in and see what they say. They probably will need to order a replacement radio to get this fixed.
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