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Been driving around my new SS Ody for about a week now. Man, this van is great! I surprised my wife with it for her birthday and she didn't stop screaming for 15 minutes. She also yelled "YEAH, BABYEEEE!!" everytime I showed her one of the neat features (auto climate controls, auto doors, the magic seat, etc).

Half the neighborhood came over to see what the ruckus was all about. A lot of my relatives "oohd and ahhd" over it too. At least two families are now considering the Odyssey.

The husbands in the block are planning an execution for me because their wives are begging for a new car (specifically -new ODYs) for their birthdays!

Got the splash guards, cargo tray, wheel locks (only $10 if you get the guards and tray in the same order), dash cover, and leather steering wheel cover from Trevor (HandA). The steering wheel cover took some effort to put on (wear gloves or you will be sorry - a pair of batting gloves work great because they allow for dexterity). Unfortunately, the &^%&**) string broke before the eighth hole. Trevor was cool enough to send me a new string kit.

I also Scotchguarded the heck out of the interior to fend off the three rugrats.
The only thing that took the edge off all the happiness was a slight defect in the SS paint

Otherwise I am very happy to be in the ODY-CLUB! This is definitely the best value in a minivan today.

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