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... We meet in the middle sort of speak which was the EX.
... One was the rear view camera. The dealer wanted 500 Plus for installation. Is that worth it or should we buy aftermarket?

And the commander in chief wanted GPS. ...
I think the rearview camera is the only major omission for EX. Really shame on Honda to skip such a great safty feature (given it is standard on all 2012 CRV and comparable Sienna) and should cost them very little to add (camera head plus wiring, everything else are there already) at assembly line. Personally I won't pay $500 for that. Don't know if there is any good aftermarket one out there that blends well with Ody's nice interior/exterior.

IMHO other high end stuffs like NAV and RES will become obsolete sooner than you think (no offending to high end trim owners;)). If you plan to keep your Ody for 3 years or more, I don't think you want those built-in.
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