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Maintenance minder went from 15% to 0% without driving.

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Has anyone else experienced the MM on their Ody, or other Honda product, going down to 0% oil life because of lapsed time rather than distance driven?

Background: A few months ago the MM said our 2019 Ody EX-L had 15% oil life left. Since we don't drive much these days, I thought I would not have to worry about an oil change for a very long time. We didn't drive much since that time, nor idled it for extended periods. However, when I got in the car a few days ago, the MM said I had 0% left. I thought it was strange that the MM would count down even when the vehicle is barely driven at all. Somewhere else on the forum I found a product characteristic sheet* that said the MM will automatically default down to 15% after 310 days past the last recorded oil change, even if the vehicle has not been driven down to 15%. However, the sheet doesn't say anything about going to 0% after a certain period, such as a year. The latest oil change was in late August of 2019.

*Thank you, EE4Life
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It's possible that after 310 miles, it dropped down to 15%. Then, as you kept driving the van, even though you drove it infrequently, it fell from 15% to 0%.
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