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Major Silver Paint Problem Revisited

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I just wanted to update everyone on the board to say that the major paint problems are still happening with the Starlight Silver paint. I have a 2001 EX with the cloudy paint problem, and I have seen 2002 with the same problem both on the road and on the lot.

I am now working through the Better Business Bureau Autoline to receive a settlement from Honda regarding my paint problem. They had originally only offered to re-paint my van, including voiding the Honda paint warranty upon doing so. This meant that if there were further problems after that, I would have to fight the body shop rather than Honda. It was a very easy way for Honda to wash their hands of the situation.

I was also told by a Senior District Service Manager that the clouding was "characteristic" of their silver paint, and that they still offered silver becuase it was such a popular color, even though they have ongoing problems actually painting it!

To make a long story short, think hard before ordering or accepting delivery of a silver Ody. I didn't see my paint problems at the dealer on a bright sunny day, but they were there. Sometimes you don't see them for quite a while since you have to have a precise lighting condition! Just beware of this ongoing problem and of Honda's lack of commitment to make the customer happy.

I paid $27,000 for a lousy paint job!

01 SS EX

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Mine is SS too, and I think the first S stands for something other than "Starlight". Also the door paint on the jambs and all other areas not visible from outside is not metallic. I looked at another SS and it was like mine. Does anyone know if this is just with Silver, or just with Odysseys?
Ok accordian, so there is a clear coat though? Also, I've seen new silver Civics jambs painted like the outside.
Maybe if the van is built in the new plant the Silver will be better? Just make sure you look at it in all different lights from different angles and in shade if possible. If you think you see something wrong and aren't sure at the time, you'll probably be sorry later when you finally see it and it's too late. Be aware!
Be very sceptical about SS. If you think you see a problem, then there most likely is one. The dealer may act like tey can't see it or it's OK or it's your imagination. In the last 3 months since I've had my SS EX I've noticed about 80-90% of the SSs I see have "cloudiness" . Some are worse than others. I've also seen some bad "cloudy" GGs too! In the same spots as mine for some reason. But I see a lot higher percentage of good GG paint jobs than SS. Be careful! Hope this helps.
1 - 4 of 39 Posts
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