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Major Silver Paint Problem Revisited

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I just wanted to update everyone on the board to say that the major paint problems are still happening with the Starlight Silver paint. I have a 2001 EX with the cloudy paint problem, and I have seen 2002 with the same problem both on the road and on the lot.

I am now working through the Better Business Bureau Autoline to receive a settlement from Honda regarding my paint problem. They had originally only offered to re-paint my van, including voiding the Honda paint warranty upon doing so. This meant that if there were further problems after that, I would have to fight the body shop rather than Honda. It was a very easy way for Honda to wash their hands of the situation.

I was also told by a Senior District Service Manager that the clouding was "characteristic" of their silver paint, and that they still offered silver becuase it was such a popular color, even though they have ongoing problems actually painting it!

To make a long story short, think hard before ordering or accepting delivery of a silver Ody. I didn't see my paint problems at the dealer on a bright sunny day, but they were there. Sometimes you don't see them for quite a while since you have to have a precise lighting condition! Just beware of this ongoing problem and of Honda's lack of commitment to make the customer happy.

I paid $27,000 for a lousy paint job!

01 SS EX

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I also got the gasp from my family when I informed them that we were buying a silver ody instead of red. My father said to always keep a good wax on it and don't leave it out in the sun often.. something about the sun burning the paint on the way in and on the way out.

I'm a bit nervous about hearing some 2002's have the silver problem. We just purchased ours and waiting for delivery. yipes!

Maybe if there is a problem, I'll get to put flames on it after all >
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Maugham:
Don't go too far with those flames

LOL! Love your graphic enhanced humor!

Thanks for the laugh!
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Just picked up our SS EX-L tuesday and thankfully no problems with the paint that we can see.
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