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I new to this forum I guess you don't seek help until you need it. I am sorry for the following tirade but if this sounds familiar to anyone, let me know.

I bought an new Odyssey in 2003. We liked it so much, we bought a new Pilot in 2005.
In January of 2012 it has 112,000 careful miles on it. Oil every 3,000 miles and it never
carried a load bigger than 4 kids and a dog.
It has made 4 trips to Florida (one last year) and a trip to Canada last summer.

In October of '11, I noticed oil on the floor where the Odyssey was parked. The
Honda dealer in Indianapolis - Penske Honda, said they would put dye in the
oil and find the leak. It turned out to have two leaks. One right axle seal was replaced and I
was told the rear head bolt was stripped. They tightened as much as they could.
I told the the TCS light and engine light was coming on ontermittently. Penske told me it was probably
oil on the sensor and would eventually dissipate. I paid them $1.200.00 in all. (new timing belt, water pump yada-yada).
5 weeks later the transmission quits with no pre-symptons. In retrospect, the TCS light and maintenance light were the
warnings that Penske missed. Non-dealer fix: $2,000. The non-Honda mechanic said that the filter screens are too small and that all Honda transmission will experience a similar fate. Great.

A few weeks later, I notice muddy water and oil under the car. Uh-oh, what now. Honda says the head bolt has now stripped all the way out and now my engine coolant is hanging out with the oil! My estimate for this is $1,800 for a Helix something fix and $3,300 for a used engine with 75K.

So, if anyone has gotten any satisfaction from Honda on any of these issues, please let me know.

Thank you
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